Industrial Maintenance

Lewis provides exemplary service to our clients with our industrial maintenance service division.

Our industrial maintenance service line is designed to meet an ever-increasing demand for onsite services necessary to supplement plant and facility personnel during times of shutdown, turnaround, product changeover, routine maintenance and/or peak demands.

Lewis has a strong proficiency in storage tank cleaning, pit/separator cleaning, plant decontamination, product transfer, tank isolation and tank degassing.

To best serve our clients, Lewis utilizes many methodologies with owned technology and equipment to perform a wide array of industrial maintenance services.  Our services range from storage tank cleaning to pneumatic waste conveyance, high-pressure water, sand blasting, steam cleaning, sludge processing, internal storage tank floating roof cleaning, internal roof cribbing, tank degassing, vapor treatment, and waste transportation and disposal services.

The expansion of Lewis capabilities to better serve our clients can be observed with the purchasing of technology and equipment, in addition to extensive training to better enhance our service.  The result of these strategic purchases and personnel training is a comprehensive service package that offers the most diverse and high quality product in the industry.

Our Industrial Maintenance Services include, but are not limited to:

• Confined Space Entry/Confined Space Rescue
• Surface Preparation/Fuel Pad Cleaning
• Oil-Water Separator/Pit Cleaning and Repair
• Storage Tank Cleaning


Confined Space Rescue

Lewis offers confined space rescue services that meet all OSHA requirements.  Lewis employees are trained and recertified yearly to supplement both confined space entry experiences as well as other scenarios where rescue is required.  The Lewis confined space entry rescue crew supplies all back-up equipment including air monitoring equipment, ropes, cables, pulley/winch systems, rescue harnesses, immobilization devices, lighting equipment and breathing apparatus.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation / Pad Cleaning

Lewis maintains a variety of low- and high-pressure washing units used in a wide array of applications ranging from power-plant shutdown or turnaround to surface remediation on impervious surfaces. Lewis excels in providing clientele with routine surface preparation/pad decontamination maintenance programs designed for retail fueling operations, public spaces, airports and transportation depots.  All wastewater is recovered with a closed-loop vacuum recovery system and subsequently disposed of at an approved disposal facility.

Oil Slick Clean Up

Oil-Water Separator & Pit Cleaning and Repair

Routine maintenance of oil-water separators (OWS), or general wastewater treatment systems, is crucial to the efficient operation of a wastewater management system. Lewis continues to work with our clients in designing a maintenance schedule specific to tasks like OWS cleaning which facilitates daily operations and creates efficiencies.


Storage Tank Cleaning

Lewis has provided storage tank cleaning services to the industrial, petro-chemical and utility industry for over 15 years.  Our tank management services includes the following tasks including, Tank Isolation Services (line blanks and/or blind flange installation), Product Transfer (utilizing a vacuum truck or intrinsically safe pumping equipment), AST Confined Space Entry Gas-Free Cleaning for API Inspection, Certified Confined Space Rescue Services, High-Pressure (Hot & Cold) Water Cleaning, and Internal Floating Roof Cribbing Support Services.

Other Services

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