Remediation Solutions

Remediation Solutions For Every Situation

Our philosophy is centered on providing safe, effective and cost-competitive remedial solutions for the various challenges presented by our clients.

Constantly maintained at Lewis, is an innovative and open-minded approach to finding remedial solutions to our customers’ most difficult challenges.

Lewis owns and maintains a variety of specialized equipment designed to effectively and efficiently remediate contaminated sites. With years of experience and thousands of projects successfully completed, we are able to blend available technology with practical field and engineering experience to deliver the highest quality product.

Remediation Solutions include, but are not limited to:

• Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation
• Treatment Systems Installation
• Landfill and Lagoon Clean & Closure
• Soil & Groundwater Remediation
• Firing Range Remediation
• Buried Drum Recovery
• Ecological Services
• UST/AST Closure and Removal


Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation

Since 1996, our knowledgeable staff of professional and field personnel have worked closely with our site remediation partners including site owners, site redevelopment groups and regulatory personnel, ensuring that the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible plans are implemented for the remediation and maintenance of former MGP sites.


Treatment System Installation

Lewis is experienced in designing, constructing and servicing site remediation systems, as well as, water and vapor treatment systems. These systems include air sparging, air stripping, oil-water separators, passive and active skimmers, contaminant recovery, soil venting, vapor extraction recovery, pumping systems and activated carbon vessels.

Remediation - Lagoon

Landfill & Lagoon Clean & Closure

Our environmental contracting services personnel have a strong understanding and extensive project experience focused on landfill and lagoon management.  A complete base of services ranging from solid and liquid waste management, leachate management, oil-water separator tank cleaning, clay/soil/geo-membrane capping, waste transportation clay-liner capping installation, synthetic liner applications, soil-buffer capping and site landscape maintenance.


Soil & Groundwater Remediation 

Lewis works closely with industrial clients, environmental engineering firms and others to provide safe and innovative ways to remediate a variety of scenarios involving both soil and groundwater impacts.  Lewis’ experience includes both traditionally established remediation methodology and innovative strategies with a constant focus on providing a turnkey remedial solution to our clients. Lewis’ uses a wide array of technology successful in remediating sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents and BTEX compounds.


Firing Range Remediation

Firing ranges often require the lead reclamation services in order to properly maintain the facility and protect patrons from ricochet hazards. Lewis provides unique capabilities in the power-vacuum, excavation, segregation, and recycling/beneficial reuse of lead. Our staff of highly trained professionals have performed lead reclamation and other remedial efforts for various clients such as public and privately owned firing ranges, public utilities and environmental consulting engineers.

Buried Drum 6

Buried Drum Recovery

Combining our hazardous materials handling and emergency response experience, Lewis has set the standard in the safe and strategic performance of recovery of buried drums and other containers of unknown compounds or origin. With experience ranging from emergency calls for unknown substance scenarios to working in conjunction with a client’s ongoing subsurface study, Lewis’ expertly trained and experienced field staff provides state-of-the-art implementation to safely extract and properly containerize these containers with minimal exposure to the environment.


Ecological Services

Lewis provides an innovative and creative approach to protecting, recreating and restoring sensitive ecological areas with direct experience in wetland restoration, wetland enhancement, wetland remediation and streambed alteration & reconstruction. Within our ecological service line, a staff of professionals have performed ecological and wetland construction for entities such as public utilities, environmental consultants/engineers and private owners.


UST/AST Closure and Removal

Lewis has been providing storage tank management services since 1996. We are certified for aboveground and underground storage tank projects. Our UST/AST services include removals, closures, inspections and installations. Lewis has safely removed thousands of storage tank systems throughout the United States ranging from multi-million gallon storage facilities to the management of thousands of storage tanks in residential/light commercial facilities.

Other Services 

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